Email v. Direct Mail ROI

Two distribution channels were suffering from low traffic counts and consequently returned low sales performance. Since the two channels were considered the low-cost channels, it was counter-productive to add media weight to support.

Test the return on investment if the budget for one direct mail campaign per quarter was repurposed for double opt-in email.


  • Response rates doubled by quarter and year over year
  • Cost per sale was reduced 70%
  • Provided ability to build “house list” for future email offerings

PPC Campaign

A Home Care Agency had an old out-dated website that was void of conversion points and generated zero traffic other than people typing in the business name. Being the site had been up for several years one would think they would have eventually had some organic traffic but that was not the case.

Built into the pages was multiple conversion points ranging from form submissions to strategically placed phone numbers. We also began a PPC campaign utilizing our Call Accelerator platform serving ads to Google, Yahoo, and Bing in addition to their publishers. The platform tracks only key-word traffic and based on the keywords that generate phone calls and form submission automatically bids accordingly in-order to keep those converting terms on the first page of all the major search engines.


  • The site has also generated over 60 form submission per month in addition to 50 plus phone calls all as a direct result of their PPC campaign

  • In the first 60 days their search traffic went from zero to averaging 900 unique visitors a month with an average of 3 ½ page views

  • Being that the Call Accelerator platform learns and adjusts its bidding according to the traffic, we have seen the click thru rate go from 1.22% up to 2.38% and the average cost per click from $2.27 down to $1.23

  • The number of impressions has gone down 33% and visits have increased by 5%. The average position has jumped from 5.0 to 4.1

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